Everyone gets in a rut, becomes discouraged, gives up on a dream or feels they fail to leave their mark.

Self-help books are great, and I highly recommend them. But a life coach helps you spring into action. A quarterback doesn’t get the privilege of having a star position without rigorous practice to prove his worth as a player.

What is a life coach and what exactly is it that I do?

I motivate people to shift their thought processes from negative to positive thinking, from seeing the glass half empty to seeing the glass half full. I encourage individuals to break out of their box so that they can begin accomplishing desired goals and realizing those dreams that have been collecting dust on the top shelf of their brain for far too long. I instruct individuals, stuck on the hamster wheel that is spinning them into nowhere, to step off and I start guiding them on a forward journey.

In the initial session, I speak with you about desired goals and the areas of life you want to change or improve. I write a plan and create assignments that get you moving in the right direction. I can’t and don’t do the work for you; however, I hold clients accountable to complete the assigned tasks.

It’s amazing what an individual can achieve once they begin the assignments and shifting their focus. We don’t take giant leaps. We start with baby steps. Some people are frozen with fear. Until they can get comfortable deviating from their normal thought processes and/or routine, I only assign one task a session and allow them one week to complete.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can begin today. Please feel free to contact me, if interested, and I will provide my fees. Though you might not want coaching, someone you know or love might. So please pass my information along. I can coach from coast to coast via phone. It is not necessary for me to be face to face with a client in order to coach them.

It’s our actions and motivations that lead us through the doors of success.

Kathryn Kaufmann is owner of Authentic Creations Promotional Products, a writer and a Certified Life Coach.

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